Small Group Learning & Guided Reading Reimagined

Grades 1-5 | Language Arts | Cloud-based

BookNook gives your horseshoe table an intervention upgrade. Guided reading practice is an instructional strategy used in your classroom, and every classroom, every day. With diverse learners coming back to school with unique needs—proficiency, developmental and processing challenges that widely differ—you need simple, easy-to-use time saving tools to enhance reading practice impact while naturally increasing motivation for the young readers.

BookNook reinvents small group reading by making volunteers, parents, and student peers qualified reading guides. BookNook's simple, easy-to-use technology is designed specifically to save time, increase engagement, and enhance impact for all small group learning and guided reading classroom activities.

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Match Each Reader's Unique Needs

BookNook's approach is based on decades of research on how kids best learn to read, and makes it easy to adapt for each individual student’s needs. By pairing engaging texts with standards-based lesson plans, we make differentiation for small group or one-on-one instruction literally as simple as the push of a button.

Simplify Small Group Time

With BookNook, up to 4 students are guided by a teacher, volunteer, or another student. Guides and students read and turn pages together; engaging in literacy activities and games that saves time and improves individual attention, instruction and guidance.

Engage Families as Partners

Because BookNook is designed for both educators and non-educators to use, parents and caregivers can participate in the learning process as volunteers at school.

BookNook combines great texts, dialogic reading prompts, comprehension questions, discussion building skills, and vocabulary acquisition for small group reading for grades 1-5. That's why 86% of students advanced over 5 months in reading after only 2 months using BookNook.

BookNook helps schools and organizations provide powerful in-person reading instruction. We offer easy-to-use tools that can be used by educators, caring adults, and near peers to get great results.

Technology that Helps People Work Together

BookNook's platform syncs up to five devices that access a shared library of books and lessons. Students and guides read and turn pages together and engage in literacy activities and games.

Support for Tablets & Chromebooks

BookNook's cloud-based platform can be accessed by any kind of tablet, Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer with a current Chrome or Safari browser.

Adaptive Learning Plans

As students and reading guides use the system, we gather data on which standards and skills students need more time with—and give students space to tell us about subjects they are interesting in learning more about.

Daily Reports on Student Status

BookNook generates real-time data as students use it, and provides reports with useful insights on specific strengths and gaps. These recommendations can be broken out at the classroom or individual student level.

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